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Microsoft SharePoint migration is growing rapidly as the SharePoint 2013 is becoming more popular for standard workflow management and centralised data repository system.

SharePoint 2013 is one of the lucid and highly successful technology solutions for enterprise level performance. The latest version of Microsoft SharePoint is launched with fresh new interface and lots of new functionalities. It makes smoother working on SharePoint environment and has better integration of technological enhancement and improved productivity. The new look and feel is also more appealing and user friendly. Another advancement of SharePoint 2013 is its stronger information and document sharing tools that allow soft operations at different levels of accessibilities. The core feature of SharePoint 2013 is it’s ability of comprehensive solution for providing centralized information and it’s access at different levels that allows users to transform the way data flow while preserving the benefits of data compliances and structured processes.


  • DESIGN AND TOOL INTEGRATION: SharePoint 2013 has an extended support for some of the web design and development tools that were not there earlier. Web developers now can create a website using basic scripting tools like HTML, CSS and JS similar to what they are using it for other web design platforms. They can also use design softwares like Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Illustrator and integrate it to SharePoint 2013. The advancement of SharePoint 2013 provides good control over the website design and development based on the SharePoint Platform.

  • BETTER CUSTOMISED REPORTING: SharePoint 2013 has greater ability to generate customised report and work for business intelligence. It has better control for analyzing big data reports and provides solutions with extended versions. SharePoint 2013 also has a stronger integration with Microsoft Excel that offers smooth functioning. The better Power Pivot programs for working on multiple rows and columns helps to access data in more complex form.

  • GREATER SUPPORT FOR MOBILE DEVICE: Operations and control through mobile handheld devices and tablets are increasing within organizations and it is also one of the topmost trends everywhere. The SharePoint 2013 has rich integration and support for mobile platform. It also provides quick and responsive view across various mobile platforms like iPhone, Android, Windows and BlackBerry.

  • ACCESS TO INFORMATION – ONLINE & OFFLINE: One of the biggest functionality changes that SharePoint 2013 has offered is the way it allows the user to synchronize information with devices and then access it on an offline mode. The user can synchronize information, document libraries to memory devices and mobile applications to save all the data locally for future access.

  • INTEGRATION WITH SOCIAL MEDIA: The newer version of SharePoint 2013 offers better means of visitors’ engagement and collaboration with website. Visitors can now share information, files and upload media documents easily for better means of social media engagement over the web. These features helps site to generate larger amount of traffic and enable better customer engagement through social media and real time social updates.

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Most of the things including functionalities, operations and GUI for the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 spell new. The earlier version of SharePoint is upgraded with rich and fresh user experience in SharePoint 2013. Microsoft claims that the new design and GUI of the SharePoint 2013 is absolutely “clean and simple”. It helps users to access documents quickly, get faster news feeds and drive to totally new engaging experience. Sharing information, allowing access, saving files and documents, designing sites and integrating with mobile device were never so easy earlier. SharePoint 2013 allows you to perform your entire task on the go through mobile and hand held devices.

Evonious is leading enterprise level SharePoint solution provider offering services related to SharePoint development, SharePoint Support, SharePoint Migration and application development based on the SharePoint 2013 platform. Our team of expert SharePoint 2013 developers can build performing environment to match your business requirements and offer better productivity. For more information on SharePoint 2013 migration, contact us today.

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