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SharePoint Administration helps smooth implementations of SharePoint environment, workflow management and enforcement of control policies and security.

Simplify SharePoint administration and it’s implementations, organize data and manage all access controls with Evonious for enterprise level SharePoint solutions. Centralised SharePoint administration allows managing many services and scheduling jobs within SharePoint environment. It makes easy the task of creating new sites and lists, installing new web parts, taking backups, control the shared service, train users and many other tasks. Organizations are looking to hire Microsoft SharePoint administrator for a simple answer of hosting big business data and quick fix information access issues.

While SharePoint administration is on its way for becoming best organizational information platform, many companies and IT departments are opting for SharePoint for functionality, price and ease of accessibility. However, opting for SharePoint environment and administrating it on a day-to-day basis is not an easy task and requires professional SharePoint administrator to manage it. The do-it-yourself attitude for SharePoint administration may be applicable for limited period for the ad hoc situations. Setting up the SharePoint project or migrating it from lower version to latest with no SharePoint administration guidelines can rule out your entire possibilities of success and lead to the failure of data or system. If cost is concern then outsourced SharePoint administration can go well with ongoing IT team or departments. Experience says that whatever may be the IT requirement for SharePoint administration, an environment set up with casual manner mostly lead to lack of control, permission issue and lack of security. Mostly in these cases hiring a SharePoint administrator is often an afterthought who is usually asked to limit the damage or fix the loopholes.

Professionals tempted by do it yourself operations of SharePoint administration are usually unaware that SharePoint is misleadingly simple and very complex in environment masking. In this situation it is easy to get things messed-up without doing any preplanning and research for SharePoint administration.

In the problem situation which most of the time is predictable by administrator; users run out of the data storage specifically at the wrong time, unauthorized person gain access to confidential matter, important part of the website is changed by the person who don’t realize the implications of it and many more such circumstances happen. And in this situation the IT cell of the organization is called for problem solving task and at the end charged with time-consuming process and creating confusing mess of the information.


Most of the organizations wait until they get 100% project deployment and then plan for SharePoint administration to get control over the system. However, this is not good for the system, and the sooner you get control of the SharePoint administration better you get chance to save your time, money and stay away from the headaches down the road. Evonious is leader in providing SharePoint administration services.

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  • Site maintenance and data migration.
  • Aid site owners with SharePoint advance site administration.
  • SharePoint version upgrades.
  • Ensure overall good health of the SharePoint environment.
  • Maintaining backup administration to simplify data backup and restore process.
  • Watch information growth and simultaneously maintain servers and plan for storage systems.
  • Manage SharePoint permissions.
  • Setting up alerts and apply damage control methodologies.
  • Performance governance, apply various changes to get best out of applied resources.
  • System reporting to IT manager.
  • Train colleague for SharePoint administration and best practices.

With SharePoint administration service from Evonious, you will be able to gain insight for your SharePoint environment have, easy data back-up and restore up-grading versions and streamline different permissions for usage. It also makes day-to-day operations more easy, reduce security risk and perform regular audit. Our SharePoint administration team centralizes policy enforcement and reports performance measurable so that decision makers can save time and make informed decisions about sites they own. SharePoint administration process of Evonious is custom build and can be designed according to any specific requirements for individual clients.

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