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Microsoft SharePoint migration is growing rapidly as the SharePoint 2013 is becoming more popular for standard workflow management and centralised data repository system.

Demand for Microsoft SharePoint Migration is growing rapidly as more and more organizations are looking to optimize workflow benefits and information repository offered by SharePoint. Companies worldwide take leverage by using enterprise level SharePoint solutions provided by Evonious for SharePoint migration. It not only minimizes the time and effort required for information architecture but also provides seamless transfer and data security as well.

SharePoint migration is considered as a technical move of shifting site and data from one environment to other. This should be done through experienced and professional administrator to avoid the problems in future operations. However, there are organizations that work with traditional mindset and choose for the available resources by thinking that SharePoint migration is not so much of technical task and can be managed in-house. Doing this can damage your overall setup or can cause big data loss while migrating from other platform to SharePoint.


SharePoint migration is an option for centralizing organization data at a single location or moving your older version of the SharePoint to the latest 2013. Evonious’s enterprise level SharePoint migration services with project management works with complexity of migration, identifying all critical issues and key points for workflow management. With SharePoint migration service provided by Evoinious, you can up-grade SharePoint, make file share more easy, optimise Google content in one simple platform by retaining metadata and categorizing content. SharePoint migration has never been so easy earlier. The important benefits of SharePoint Migration are mentioned below.

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The content migration to SharePoint environment allows copying entire data, lists, libraries, site collection, web parts, user profiles and permissions and other SharePoint objects to newer environment with ease and set new permissions for usability. One can copy different content items between files, folders, libraries or farms and simultaneously modify the type of content while migration. It allows administrator to maintain metadata, classify and reclassify them in documents and protect it’s properties. SharePoint Migration for any project makes simpler to upload bulk data, files and folders into SharePoint library and assign them specific type and metadata, system properties and map values for SharePoint columns. You can also migrate Google content by copying documents, collections, history of different versions, user comments and metadata to a newer version of the SharePoint while migration.

The version migration of SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 gives the opportunities for re-evaluating the overall environment and seeing that it is not only technically working well but optimizing resources and producing results as per the organizational requirements.


  • Copy and move content between libraries
  • Copy content using CSV files
  • Copy file templates
  • Create, edit, delete properties
  • Create, edit, delete folder structure
  • Edit or maintain metadata during shifting
  • Copy files with attachments
  • Upgrade versions
  • Maintain approval status for users
  • Filter and modify content during copy
  • Copy documents sets
  • Ignore required field during moving to new environment
  • Tag content while copying it

Research has shown that majority IT projects fails during migration due to lack of primary planning and not giving it due importance. Similar to this, SharePoint migration is often considered as a technical up-gradation and not done at proper time and using proper resources. However, this is not right; the migration of SharePoint environment should be done keeping the importance of critical business data in mind. The proper migration solution provides visibility, better support to day-to-day admin activities and offers you complete control over your environment.

The ideal way to successfully migrate SharePoint to new environment is by discovering what exactly you are looking for, work for your strategy and research well before planning and then migrate older environment for your custom requirements. Evonious is one of the leaders in the SharePoint Migration.

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